Check out our case studies for an in-depth look at some of our past work.


Tempt hired us to build a new product in the e-commerce space for brands to dynamically create personal offers. We suggested starting with Shopify and designed, architected, and built an elegant system that intelligently optimized the offers and gave stores more customer engagement, higher margins, and better brand control.


β€œJames and Danielle are a fantastic team. They are skilled, diligent, smart and creative and all-round lovely people to work with. I’d hire Squarecat again in a heartbeat.”

David Whiteman, Tempt are building the world's first shared talent network. They enlisted us to bring their new career tracking product to life. We architected and built a bespoke skills management and job tracking system, working closely with their Head of Product to perfect the onboarding process, and make it easy for people to track progress in advancing their skillsets and qualifying for new jobs.


"It was a pleasure to work with Squarecat, I would love to work with them again on future projects!"

Sherveen Mashayekhi,

OCO Offices & Coworking

OCO approached us for advice rebuilding and rebranding their coworking product from the ground up. We designed and built a new marketing website and bespoke office management system, working with their consultants to make the process of onboarding and lead discovery simpler and less time intensive.


"Squarecat did an outstanding job throughout the time we worked together. They represent a first class combination of technical expertise, diligence, and attention to detail. They were a vital part of the team and we couldn’t have delivered such a great product to the client without them."

Stu Dixon, Splendid Webs

ReleasePage Better release communication

ReleasePage is one of our passion projects which provides an easier way for projects to communicate new software releases with their users. We architected, designed, and built a platform a for users to create branded, totally customised, beautiful web pages for their software release notes.


Open Source

Like many development companies, Squarecat couldn't exist without open source libraries. We strongly believe that free and open software is the future, and as such we publish as many of our apps as possible to our public GitHub.

  • Email Tracker Block List - A list of email pixel trackers for use with Adblock or uBlock.
  • Ethical Email Manifesto - A code of ethics for responsible email newsletter senders
  • Version.js - Display the latest version number of your GitHub repo, shiny!
  • Reload.js - Show a popup or refresh your app when there is a new GitHub version released.